End immigrant detention & restore asylum

The U.S. government has built a network of prisons where children from Mexico and Central America are being held indefinitely just because they want to live in the U.S. None of the children has been convicted or even accused of any crime. Experts say that the deprivation of incarcerating children at these prisons is causing them serious and probably permanent harm. Adults, who have also not been accused of crimes, are being held in similar prisons throughout our country.

The U.S. is also refusing to allow people to legally pursue their right to asylum. It is forcing refugees to live under dangerous conditions in makeshift camps at the border with Mexico.

We are working to convince the U.S. government to restore asylum, shut the prisons down, free the immigrants, and reunite them with their families in the US.

What can be done?

We must let the public know what is being done. Peaceful Communities is leading peaceful efforts, including participating in and promoting protests outside the prisons, to bring about the change that is needed. We helped to close the children’s prisons in Tornillo, Texas; Homestead, Florida, and Carrizo Springs, Texas, and we are helping to close the other prisons, too. We are also involved at the border at Brownsville, Texas & Matamoros, Mexico.